Life Behind the camera lens

Untitled-1WC Fields once said "Never work with Children or Animals." I could not disagree more....well to be honest I don't work with animals too much but children, they are the best, that is  if you know how to be one yourself and that, I confess I definitely know. This is equally true when doing any events, weddings, family occasions, studio portraits graduations, school photos or even in my teaching of workshops. If you just put yourself in the customers shoes you will have a much better perspective on what they want and how to make them happy with the result.

The above is true assuming you have the technical skills already that allow you to deal with tricky situations and create a correctly exposed image but that's only part of the whole package.

Creative insight and the ability of the photographer to put people at ease, enough to almost forget about the camera and be themselves, is really what makes a good photo great & cherished memory.

Adding a bit of humor and fun to any shoot ,as well going with the flow and making the most of the sometimes "challenging" situations really starts to set you apart from many other photographers.

I guess what I am trying to say is that this Blog is meant to be a bit fun and an insight into the many photo shoots that just one photographer based on the West coast of Ireland, yet hailing from the West coast of America,  encounters.

I hope you enjoy